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Del Mullen Interview

Sweet sounds of the steel guitar… That is what I heard at our Super Event. I was walking and overheard the sounds of someone playing a steel guitar in one of the booths. Of course, I had to go and investigate that beautiful sound that was filling my ears. The man was Del Mullen playing the Mullen steel. Of course, you know me, I had to ask for a interview. Most graciously, Del agreed to talk with me.

Del was born and raised in Colorado in the eastern plains on a cattle ranch. Being from a musical family, he was no stranger to the music scene. Del started playing lead guitar for dances etc. His interest in the steel began back in the 60’s. Del had moved to Denver Colorado and has lived there for twenty eight years. He worked for Colorado steel mines for fifteen years in the machine and welding shops. Having access to the facilities, he had made several guitars. The economy had become pretty bad and they ended up closing down the section he worked in. That is when he decided to try the steel guitar market. He already had a few contacts at that time and he decided to create the Mullen Steel. Del had Herby Wallace try his newly innovated steel and by doing so took the advice of what was good and what could be done for improvement and as a result a great sounding guitar was introduced into the market.

Del says he is still learning today. He spends most of his time researching new things. He has an excellent crew building his guitars and personally he has not put a guitar together for five years. He enjoys investigating the new. He told me that he has some new products coming out. He has a new electronic volume pedal and one of the greatest steel guitar amplifiers that ever came along. He didn’t engineer it or design it but did have input on how to make it a better product. He says that this is very exciting for him. He enjoys the steel guitar world and market more now than he has ever had. He says everything came in a way that he had hoped for but did not expect. He believes the lord has things in mind for us that we are not aware of, and because of that these things happened for him. The volume pedals and amplifiers are a very good example. “It came to me I didn’t go to it” Del said.

Del still plays professionally and can be seen at some of the steel guitar shows and events. Take the time to go and see what he has new and have a listen to the Mullen Steel. His next show is in St. Louis. His web site is

Thanks Del for you time.

Musically Yours,

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